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When you feel harassed by the Internal Revenue Service due to tax debt, an audit or other IRS problem, all you want is a solution so you can move on with your life - and for good reason.

The IRS is a taxpayer's worst nightmare. At any time, the agency can levy your property, seize your assets and even put you in prison.

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Nick Nemeth When Dallas/Fort Worth-area residents need help solving their IRS problem and want to keep more of the money they earned, many turn to Nick Nemeth.
"People come to me with serious IRS issues and are often scared because they don't know how to get through the legal process," said Nemeth, who founded the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, a small boutique tax law firm, 15 years ago. "Unfortunately, they live in fear because they have no idea what the IRS might do next."
For most of Nemeth's clients, problems arise from overdue tax returns. What often happens is taxpayers get returns completed, but then see they owe money to the IRS. So instead of filing the return, they wait until their finances improve.
Of course, the wait for extra money often lasts longer than anticipated. In some instances, taxpayers also hold out hope that the IRS won't notice the unfiled return(s).
"The reality is the IRS will never stop tracking you down when you own them money," warned the tax lawyer, whose advice has been featured on several ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates nationwide. "My role as a tax attorney is make sure the agency stays away from my clients until we can negotiate a permanent solution for all parties involved."
Complicating matters is the IRS's evolving tax codes, which leaves even the most honest taxpayers at risk of getting hit with crippling penalties. Paychecks, bank accounts and other assets also become targets.

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